Healing Mind, Body, & Character

Residential Treatment

From the family oriented feel of our home, to the friendly staff, developing a troubled mind should start by coming home.

Home Setting

Home is a safe place. We reinforce that and turn our family into a reference point for their lives and their future.

Therapeutic Services

Intensive therapeutic services begin with our family of psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapists, and more.


Thoughts are the seeds of action. By changing our students’ minds, we’re able to alter the trajectory of their actions.


We’d like life to be the only escape a child needs to succeed. Substances and depression get in the way of that.


Like steel, true and strong characters are forged with time, action, and patience. Good character makes good people.

Partners & Clients;Friends

It takes a village. This is ours.

Our family is an experienced village of professionals. The team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, chemical addiction counselors, a recreation therapist, professional counselors, certified secondary education teachers, certified special education teachers, and nurses.

Happy Parents

Last Straws

Lives Saved

High School Graduates

Level System

Points are given for school performance, appropriate social interactions, a good attitude, and compliance with rules.

Client Profile

There’s nothing ‘typical’ about teens who are experiencing emotional or behavioral problems. Spot the signs and recognize the patterns.

Daily Schedule

The home and school environment at our residential treatment home encourages good daily habits and provides structure and support.

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