Hoping For “BEST Behavior” – But Getting “Terrible Toddlers & Teens”?!


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Everyone wants their kids to be on their best behavior… ALWAYS, right? To use their manners, be respectful and grow into honorable, mature adults. And you’re honestly trying to do your best to make this happen. Yet, sometimes you wonder what you could possibly be doing WRONG, because “honorable” and “respectful” are the LAST words you would use to describe them – despite your best efforts. Watch this episode of The Dani Johnson Show, to discover ways you could be sabotaging yourself and provoking the worst in your kids… without even realizing it!

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Dani Johnson has become a multi-millionaire many times over, is a best-selling author, internationally sought-after speaker and TV/radio show host. She is regularly called upon by major media outlets for her expertise in business, finance, relationships and spirituality, including guest appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The View,” “Fox & Friends,” “Good Morning America,” “NPR,” USA Today, Forbes, TheStreet.com, AOL Finance, “Fox Business News,” and Variety, as well as the season premiere episode of ABC’s “Secret Millionaire”.

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  1. L & B JAMARICAN LLC-Reply
    February 17, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    Dani I started listening to your systems on a morning spiritual growth call with John Ramsey. I have had a tremendous amount of growth and understanding of life and how I contribute to the larger plan of God. I started following you on YouTube to further fill my vessel with your positive vibrations and wisdom. I whole heartedly believe that I am in the "refinement" stage of my spiritual growth. As apart of my spiritual growth I have challenged my self to communicate with God every day. I pray through daily scribing in a journal. The purpose of the journal is to document every miracle and blessing that will be bestowed upon myself and my family. My journal serves as my life bible and my personal testimonies as a servant of God. The journal has allowed me to see in action how God is working in my life. I am able to go back to when I cried out and put a date on when GOD gave me an answer or provided healing to my situation. I took the time to share this information to let you know that today In my scribing; I was thanking the Lord of where he brought me from and where I am going,. In addition to praise, I also cried out to the lord regarding my anger and how it sometimes affects my family. At my time  of being the most overwhelmed my spirit breaks and I become very angry and agitated. Sometimes my responses to my kids and husband are very harsh and resent filled. I have an 11 year old, a two year, and I am 8 months pregnant. I am pretty sure you can see the anxiety in the situation. I prayed just ten minutes ago, through my scribing, for God to help me. I asked God to give me and my husband a guide on how to better control or emotions. I also told God I  am fearful that the negative vibes in me will transfer to my kids if I don't find a way to control  my emotions. I completed my prayer  and came to YouTube to listen to your show while I complete my work. An amazingly, thank you GOD!!!!!, your topic today on Kids and teens was directly in line with my cry to GOD. You are my affirmation, my blessing, one of the oracles that GOD is using to show me the way. I just wanted to say thank you Danni! I have not even dug deep into your systems and book but the positive vibrations and healing I have received thus far are out of this universe. Thank you Dannie for being a light in my darkness!!!!!!!

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