Level System

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Level System

Students at TrinityHouse participate in a level system. The students are rewarded points daily. Points are given for proper school performance, appropriate social interactions, a good attitude, and compliance with rules.

The immediate reinforcement helps students correct poor behaviors. When sufficient points are earned, students will progress and receive privileges as listed below. Social workers will receive an update weekly which will include information about the student’s current level, school performance, therapy progress, as well as faculty comments.

Upon arrival to TrinityHouse, the child will begin on Orientation Level. This level allows the student to acclimate to the program and allows TrinityHouse staff to get to know the student. He will then work through Awareness Level(Level 1),Proficiency Level (Level 2), and Mastery Level (Level 3).

This level is used if the student is behind in any homework assignments.   At the weekly levels meeting, all students who are six or more assignments behind will be placed on “activity hold”.  This means that students do not lose their level, but are held back from all activities with the exception of service activities.  This activity hold will be reassessed for those students on Friday at 5:00 p.m.  If the students who were previously on activity hold are now less than six assignments behind, they will then be eligible for all activities in accordance with their respective levels.

This level is the lowest level of the behavior modification program.  The level is used

  1. If the student has been involved in serious negative behavior including stealing, physical contact with another student, aggressive behaviors, etc.
  2. If the student is refusing to participate in therapy, school or day-to-day activities
  3. If the student was on Awareness and committed an offense that requires being dropped a level.

The purpose of Learning level is to give the student time to reflect on past problems, current progress, and future goals.  Students that are on learning level are watched closely by staff to ensure their safety as they may be considered “at risk”.  For this reason, and in order that students will have time to think, learning level privileges are minimal.

There are times when a student may make poor choices that require the suspension of privileges.  During this time there will be a temporary suspension of current level privileges.  Hold will be used to provide the student with time to reflect on therapeutic goals.  On hold, assignments will be given and must be completed prior to returning to previous level.  Hold will take place from 24 to 72 hours depending on the severity of the poor choice.

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